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In the attic

For reasons too boring to go into I was in the attic yesterday, trying to clear a little space. We keep (it emerges) all sorts of junk, including empty cardboard boxes and what looks like the contents of the bin from the last person who lived with us (and she left about 7 years ago). Anyway, at the back of a heap of boxes full of books, and a bin bag with a duvet in it, and a 5' tall inflatable alien, I found an old photograph album. In it there was a picture that must have been taken 17 years ago (!) in Turkey of me and another 6 people in the back of a car (yes, it is possible, and also probably illegal even in Turkey in 1991). Being completely egocentric the thing that struck me about the picture was, well, me. Plus I'm right in the middle of the photograph. I'm all blonde and flushed and blue-eyed.* It's weird. I never thought I was attractive at the time (as far as I recall) but, looking at that picture, I really was. Sigh. I hoped this wouldn't happen until I was well into my 60s, looking at pictures of my younger self and going "ooh! I was so lovely!". For a number of reasons.

* my eyes aren't actually blue, but well, green-blue eyed sort of. Brightly coloured anyway (and not red).

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