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I've been racing around the internet stalking uh researching agents. So many lovely looking people out there with their blogs and their twitter thingies (I'm still not quite there with twitter) and their lists of phenomenal authors -- it takes ages to read it all and I keep getting drawn in and spending a day reading the blog (which is great -- I've learned a lot -- but it means I'm NOT WRITING -- aaaargh!).

I feel like I need to do lots of loin girding (and cake eating) with this process. I'm planning to attack groups of ten -- so query ten, take a break, redo the query/ opening chapters/ whatever people have seen -- and then submit to another ten. Grim perserverence looks like being the key here. I fear the cake means I will gain a lot of weight too, but some things need to be sacrificed for Art.

Of the first four I queried, I got two form rejections and one request for the ms -- the fourth hasn't replied (yet?). Cross fingers.

Although I didn't think it would bother me when I started, and I appreciate the hideous effect it has on agents' lives, I really like agents who respond. "If you haven't heard from us within eight weeks, you should assume we have decided to pass on your project." is fair enough, but it's surprisingly demoralising. It's good to know whether or not people are interested, and so many of them are really fast -- the rejections took 3 days and 7 days, and the request for the full took one day (I queried on the Sunday and got asked for the ms on the Monday). Sadly, the full request also led to a rejection -- but it only took two days to come, so I hadn't consumed so much cake that I was unable to walk. Not... quite...

Anyway, I'm off to draw little hearts around the names of my next couple of targets... Muhahahahahahaa!

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