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I have never, ever eaten a barn owl

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"If I went vegetarian
And didn't eat lambs for dinner,
I think I'd be a better person
And also thinner.

But the lamb is not endangered
And at least I can truthfully say
I have never, ever eaten a barn owl,
So perhaps I am OK."

Wendy Cope ("Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis")

* * *

I think I'm here to record little bits and pieces about trying to write things (it might evolve into something different, but that's what I intend).

And also, sometimes, about babies, when I can't help myself and have to break that promise I made *before* he was born about not being really really boring about him...

(and I have a PhD in history, a research job in computing, the most amazingly wonderful badminton racquet that I haven't used for a year and a half and I am completely thrown/ delighted/ astonished by how different life is with a baby)